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Metal roofing is a preferred choice for longevity and appearance but, as with all other roofing options, it will eventually be in need of metal roof repair. Years of weather abuse, improper HVAC installation, along with the general wear and tear of time will have you seeking  metal roof repair contractors. Commercial Painting Services offers professional repair of metal roof leaks for your commercial/industrial facility. Our metal roofing experts are extremely thorough when making repairs; we ensure that every seam is tightly sealed, all screw-heads are tightened and caulked or replaced if stripped out, all plumbing pipes and vents are properly repaired and sealed, all while keeping a keen eye out for further potential issues.  There are many potential problems that may arise but, you can be confident that Commercial Painting Services will discover and address all of your metal roof leak needs.

 Why do metal roofs get leaks?

Metal roofing leaks are generally caused by a few common issues, that Commercial Painting Services can easily identify. Some of these problems are caused by improper installation of the metal roof, others are simply a result of time and environmental factors like large influx of movement caused by up and down temperatures:

check-mark-hi Not caulking between the extra trim and the underside of the roof panels

check-mark-hi Rips, holes, or protrusions in the metal surface

check-mark-hi Failure to install tape sealant under the screw heads

check-mark-hi Missing or corroded fasteners

check-mark-hi Improper placement or failure to use the required bar and caulking sealants in  the roofing seams

check-mark-hi Excessive rusting or pitting on the metal surface

check-mark-hi Failure to install the extra strip of sealant at the four-way panel laps and at the eave connections

How do you repair metal roof leaks?

 Proper metal roof repair depends most importantly upon using the appropriate products and materials for the existing metal surface. Commercial Painting Services will  inspect the surface for areas needing repair, ensure that the roofing surface is free of dirt and debris by chemically treating and pressure washing, and then begin the caulking, sealing, and coating required to deliver the quality metal roof repair with a life expectancy of 10-15yrs.

What metal roof repair or metal roof coatings exist?

Metal roofs repairs should be inspected by a professional metal roofing contractor, as specialized knowledge is needed to understand the many various repair procedures of metal system manufacturers. The most common repair and maintenance application for metal roof systems is the application of coating. Coatings can serve various purposes including weatherproofing protection, to improve reflection or emissivity, or for aesthetic purposes. When properly applied, coatings can improve the service life of your metal roofing system. There are varying degrees of coating technologies available in today’s market and Commercial Painting Services has the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the best choice for your metal roofing system.

When do I need to fix my metal roof leaks?

Metal roof leaks are nothing to ignore! Proactive thinking is best to avoid large roofing expenses that could of been avoided. Rust, pitting, holes, or protrusions can compromise the structural integrity of your metal roofing system. Ideally, repairs should  be made before the severity of the corrosion requires replacement of the metal panels. Commercial Painting Services will be able to identify whether or not the extent of the damages poses a safety threat.

Commercial Painting Services is dedicated to delivering an honest and educated assessment of your metal roof leaks. We are interested in protecting your current investment in your existing metal roof by efficiently repairing any metal roof leaks on your commercial/industrial facility.



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