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​​ Commercial Painting Services is a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Warsaw, Indiana. We offer Solar Coating Systems, Reflective Roof Coatings, Flat Roof Coatings,Liquid Roofing, Fluid Applied Roofing, White Rubber Roofing, Spray on Roof Coatings, Metal Roof Painting, and more. Commercial Painting Services is respected Warsaw Commercial Roofing Contractor with over 20 years experience.

Our Commercial Roofing Crew is a talented bunch with a ton of experience. They pride themselves on their excellent safety record and are focused on even the smallest of details. We arrive on time, complete your new Elastomeric Fluid Applied Roofing project on schedule, and work hard to earn your repeat business (painting, flooring, concrete polishing, and more).

If you are just learning about Solar Coating Systems / Fluid Applied Roofing, you’re definitely in the right place. Check out the Reflective Roofing F.A.Q. down below. We use (Uniflex brand) of Elastomeric, which is not only the leader in Elastomeric, but also comes with up to 20 years worth of warranty. For even more savings, federal LEED Credits are now available for your new “Cool Roof”, which is also Energy Star Rated. Spray on Reflective Solar Coating Systems expand and contract in even the worst Indiana weather, which makes is very durable for the long haul. Also, Include a PMP (preventative maintenance plan) and your new roof can easily be the last roof your building can ever need. Commercial Painting Services offers Free Onsite Consultations and Free Estimates. Call (574) 970-6181 today to get on the schedule. We look forward to meeting you and to discuss your new Commercial Roofing Project!

Types of roof candidates / membranes that can have Fluid Applied Roofing installed:

Metal Roof Candidate


Single Ply Roof Candidate



BUR / Mod-Bit

Concrete Roof Candidate


Foam Roof Candidate


Extend Roof Life

Fluid Applied Roofing is an excellent option for most Industrial / Commercial roof-types because it extends the life of your existing roof. With the proper maintenance, a Fluid Applied Roof System can be the last roof your building will ever need.  Renewable warranty options are 10 or 20 years.

Save Money

Maintaining your roof can easily be the most expensive capital expenditure year after year. Fluid Applied Roofing is the most long-term, cost effective roofing solution available on the market today. Fluid Applied Roofing Systems cost typically 30 – 50% less than any other option. Call today for your free onsite consultation.

Roof Coating Systems

  • Elastomeric Fluid Applied Roofing
  • White Rubber Liquid Roofing
  • Metal Roof Coating Systems
  • Spray on White Roof Coating
  • Thermal Roof Coatings
  • White Reflective Roof Coatings
  • Roof Painting

Reflective Roof Coatings

Fluid Applied Coatings

Elastomeric Fluid Applied Solar Coating Systems Contractor Warsaw Indiana

Elastomeric Fluid Applied Roofing F.A.Q.

  • Q: What is Elastomeric Rubber Roofing?

    A: Elastomeric Roof Coatings are entirely sprayed onto your existing roof. It is very flexible monolithic coating that isn’t as susceptible to cracking, peeling, crazing, and leaking as all of the other options because it is the only method that is completely seamless. Elastomeric Roofing is a white rubber that is sprayed on in multiple coats that protects against damaging UV rays as well as the harsh temperature changes between winter and summer. Elastomeric Coatings are Energy Star Rated and offer renewable warranties / LEED Credits. Elastomeric White Rubber Roof Coatings come with up 10 or 15 year warranty.

  • Q: What is a Cool Roof?

    A: Elastomeric Roof Coating is an energy efficient, affordable, long lasting roofing system. Elastomeric typically pays for itself with reduced cooling bills and federal tax / LEED Credits incentives. It is and Energy Star “Cool Roof” rated system that is recognized and approved by the EPA and has become famous not only for its energy savings, but for it’s durability as well. Typically, every roof is a candidate for Elastomeric White Spray On Rubber Roofing as long as the existing roof is still in decent repair. Our free onsite consultations can determine if there are any issues that would keep you from installing your new Elastomeric Roof. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your options.

  • Q: What is Fluid Applied Roofing?

    A: Commercial Painting Services is a certified installer of Uniflex (Elastomeric), Fluid Applied Roofing Systems. We have over 20 years experience and have seen just about every possible scenario. We take the time to properly prepare your roofing surface to get the full benefit out of your new spray on roof coating. While not every roof is a candidate for Uniflex / Elastomeric, the overwhelming odds are in your favor that yours is. Call today and let’s do a risk-free inspection. It’s free!  (574) 970-6181.

  • Q: How is Elastomeric Roof Coatings different than Roof Paint?

    A: Roof Paint systems consist of traditional painting materials that are designed to adhere in couple of thin coats and do not have the ability to waterproof or flex like Elastomeric Roof Coatings. Traditional roof paints are not a bad choice for metal roofs that have never leaked in the past. Elastomeric coatings are part of a waterproofing system that are matched to your roofing membrane with special materials that will reinforce all flashing, fasteners, seams, and protrusions. Your roof is made water tight before the roof is coated. The roofing spec is matched to your roofing membrane whether it’s single ply, asphalt, concrete, polyurethane foam, or metal. Once we apply all of the waterproofing steps along with the fluid applied coating your roof becomes a completely seamless membrane.

  • Q: How long is an Elastomeric Warranty?

    A: Uniflex comes with its UNIGUARD  Warranty. UNIGUARD 10 and 15-year systems warranties provide comprehensive protection and coverage for a professionally installed UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing system. A full line of coatings, flashing materials, seam tapes, reinforcing fabrics, sealants and other UNIFLEX branded products are used in these installations, creating a completely watertight and fully enveloped roof system.

How your roof reacts to the sun:

Cool Roof Temperature Comparison

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Commercial Painting Services has over 20 years experience and our staff is highly knowledgeable. We offer Commercial / Industrial Painting (Interior & Exterior), Concrete Floor Polishing, Elastomeric Roof Coating, Metal Roof Leaks Repair, Epoxy Flooring, & Commercial / Industrial Pressure Washing. Call us today to schedule your free in-person consultation and to receive a free estimate. (574) 970-6181

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