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Concrete Polishing - Auburn Hills, Mi.

Throughout Auburn Hills, Michigan, and the whole of Oakland County, Commercial Painting Services takes pride in delivering specialized Commercial/Industrial Concrete Polishing.

Using cutting- edge machineries and equipment, along with our years of outstanding experience, our Concrete Polishing professionals bring your new polished concrete dream, with your highest expectations, to life. Polished Concrete floors are very impressive to look at, long-lasting, and very easy to maintain. They can also be personalized using dye and various style and line patterns to lace your facility for function and style.

Listed below are the various benefits you can expect from a choice of attractive and efficient Concrete Polishing. Please give us a call should you have any questions whatsoever. We offer free quotes and our pricing is highly competitive. (517) 639-1464

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Polished Concrete Auburn Hills Mi

  • Q: Is Polished Concrete a safe and durable option?

    A: Polished Concrete is a durable, firm, and functionally attractive / impressive option for renewing your old floor with great resistance to wear and tear. Your new floor becomes very strong and highly resistant with our concrete densification and impregnation process. The National Floor Safety Institute acknowledged Polished Concrete as a “High Traction Floor”.

    Polished Concrete in comparison to an un-polished commercial/regular lined flooring system provides outstanding Slip- Resistance.

  • Q: How is the appearance of the finished product?

    A: The appearance of Polished Concrete is utterly beautiful. The highly polished sheen that results from our technique, coupled with top-of the line coating products, produces a clean, modern flooring surface. We have many varieties of gloss to choose from that deliver the precise level of sheen you prefer. The high-gloss can appear as a floor that has 10 coats of wax on it!

  • Q: How Cost Effective Is Polished Concrete?

    A: Perhaps you are already aware of how cost effective Concrete Polishing is! In our system, replacing your existing floor is not necessary; all you need do is to basically renew it. When doing a 15yr cost analysis of all flooring options, polished concrete is the low-cost-leader over other coatings or traditional flooring.

    There is no need for the application of expensive wax or sealers with your new Polished Concrete. No reapplying, no glazing, and no constant maintenance.

    Cleaning your new Polished Concrete can be done with water or simply dry mopping. Waxing will not be required to enhance its glossy look, polished concrete maintains this look without costly upkeep!.

  • Q: How Easy Is Polished Concrete Floors Maintenance?

    With your new Polished Concrete floor, maintenance is as easy as ABC. It only needs a dry or wet mopping for regular cleaning. The coatings we use are tough and resistant to chemicals used to remove your more serious stains that may occur.

  • Q: Is Polishing Concrete Easy on the Environment?

    A: Credits for Commercial and Industrial Leed credits should be available for your new floor concrete polishing system from The American Institute of Architects. The AIA recognizes Polished Concrete as a “Sustainable Flooring”. For more information regarding your Leed Credits within your next project, click here.

  • Q: Can we customize the look of Polished Concrete?

    A: Unlike many Commercial Flooring Contractors that service Battle Creek, Michigan, Commercial Painting Services offers total and complete customization of your new floor. We do custom logos, patterns, lines, sections, and imaging. We are excited to discuss the possibilities and/or your vision with you on the aesthetics of your new Polished Concrete.  Give us a call today to schedule your free in-person consulation and to receive your Free Estimate. We look forward to hearing from you. (517) 639-1464

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