Epoxy Flooring Kalamazoo Michigan

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Epoxy Flooring Kalamazoo Michigan

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Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Concrete Floor Polishing Contractor Michgan
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Epoxy Flooring Kalamazoo Michigan

Commercial Painting services gives the Kalamazoo, MI. vicinity epoxy, urethane floor layout, set up, and protection for all commercial & business enterprise packages. We always keep in mind that your manufacturing timetable won’t to be troubled by excessive downtime. Our floors crews are well rehearsed professional epoxy floor experts that can maintain your project to your timetable. Your very last date is saved on course whether or not it’s 5,000 square feet or 50,000 square feet.

Our Company offers numerous business organizations and commercial companies flooring options to meet your expectations. Our reputation is on providing a floors spec that meets your facilities environment. Most importantly we take your price range and timelines request into our quoting department.

We provide a variant of epoxy, urethane, polished concrete, and decorative epoxy floor installations. Our flooring division invests inside the very remarkable concrete grinding and shot blasting tools to make certain your obligations run smoothly. Whether or not you’re looking for a long-lasting showroom ground or a protecting commercial horizontal surface, Commercial Painting Services will deliver you with a prolonged lasting solution with a stress-free installation.

If you’re unsure what your flooring solution needs to be, we are able to spend time with you to cowl all the basics and educate your corporation on what can be finished or not finished. We recognize it is able to be a confounding picture whether or not epoxy, urethane, or concrete polishing might prove to be the best for your business organization’s floor.

Some flooring may not be a good fit for epoxy flooring. However, it could be stated for concrete polishing, which leads many customers to experience confusion about epoxy floors in place of polished concrete. There are many factors that decide what’s best in your facility. Call us today and we will educate you!

Project Examples

Epoxy Flooring Contractor
Epoxy Flooring Contractor
Epoxy Flooring Contractor
Epoxy Flooring Contractor
Epoxy Flooring Contractor
Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Epoxy Flooring Contractor

  • Commercial Painting Company

    From interior walls, ceiling, and trim work to exterior masonry, wood, and steel painting, Commercial Painting Services has you covered. We have a myriad of office buildings, churches, hotels, schools and universities, health care facilities, warehouses, retail store fronts, and government establishments under our belts. Our highly trained and focused crew will keep safety in the forefront all while protecting your assets. Safety, Quality, and completing your next project on time are all job one.

  • Industrial Painting Company

    Industrial facility maintenance is our specialty. Our well trained work crews have handled even the most complex complex site renovations. We specialize in ceiling painting,, wall painting, tank painting, pipe painting, specialty equipment painting, elastomeric roofing, metal roof painting, and epoxy flooring. We have the product knowledge and the know-how to efficiently complete your next project.

    We have handled mid to very large food grade facility painting, petroleum & chemical processing facilities, Power Stations & Public energy facilities, waste water treatment facilities, and even pharmaceutical labs.

  • Industrial Tank Painting

    A testimonial from Aaron Spencer at Eastern Oil Company

    “Eastern Oil Company is extremely happy with the quality of work you performed at our location. There is no doubt that we made the right decision by choosing Commercial Panting Services for our project. Our tanks look great and it speaks volumes about your craftsmanship and quality. We couldn’t be happier with the job!

  • Spray on Roof Coatings

    Anybody that has been in the market and done any research for Industrial Roofing certainly knows by now that there are a ton of choices. It can be like trying to solve a centuries old mystery when you try to delve into it.  Commercial Painting Services offers Elastomeric Roof Coatings as a primary, and what we think is the best option for most any roofing project but we also team up with one of the most prominent contemporary roofing companies as well. Whether you’re after Elastomeric Rubber Spray on Coating, EPDM, PVC, or any type of roofing solution, by all means give us a call. We can help you weed out the science talk and help you get to making the best call for your facility.
    Elastomeric is Thermal Shock Reduced, Seamless, lightweight, a “Green” option, and can save you a ton in the long haul. Visit our Elastomeric Roofing page by Elastomeric Rubber Roof Coatings.

  • Rubber Roof Repair

    With all of the above considered, Elastomeric Rubber Roof and Metal Roof Leaks repair is also a specialty of ours. There are plenty of times where an entire roofing solution just isn’t needed. Extreme thermal shock from rising daytime temperatures and moisture is always present and over time, causes a lot of havoc.

    In a lot of cases, all that needs to be done is rubber roof repair. We will come in and power wash the entire roof to remove any rust, dirt, and debris. From there our highly skilled and experienced staff will address loose screws, corrosion, and any areas of concern to properly prep the roof for repairs. We then use Elastomeric Rubber Roofing to spray on a seamless “patch” over all the existing screw heads, around any HVAC / Rooftop units, and existing seams.  Please visit our Metal Roof Leaks page for more information

  • Concrete Polishing Company

    We take a lot of pride in our painting and roofing but we’re also very experienced and very passionate about Polished Concrete. Concrete Polishing is an amazing option that is extremely durable, cost efficient, easy to maintain, and is utterly beautiful. Please have a look at our Concrete Polishing page or give us a call, for further details. We offer Free Onsite Consultations as well as Free Estimates.

Use our automated Quote System | Visit our Commercial / Industrial Concrete Polishing Page.

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Commercial Painting Services has over 20 years experience and our staff is highly knowledgeable. We offer Commercial / Industrial Painting (Interior & Exterior), Concrete Floor Polishing, Elastomeric Roof Coating, Metal Roof Leaks Repair, Epoxy Flooring, & Commercial / Industrial Pressure Washing. Call us today to schedule your free in-person consultation and to receive a free estimate.

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