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Concrete Floor Polishing Contractor Michgan
Polished Concrete
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Concrete Floor Polishing Contractor Michgan
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Concrete Polishing Contractors Fort Wayne, Indiana

Commercial Painting Services provides Professional Commercial Concrete Polishing for Fort Wayne, Indiana and all of Allen County. Our Concrete Polishing technicians use the most current technology, along with many years of professional experience, to create your personalized vision for your existing concrete floors. Polished Concrete floors are incredibly durable, virtually maintenance free, and are fully customizable with dye, saw cuts (your logo),and patterns to create a work of art while preserving the integrity of your existing concrete floor. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our concrete polishing services.  We offer Free Estimates and very competitive pricing. (574) 970-6181

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Polished Concrete Contractor Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Q: Is Polished Concrete Durable?

    A: Concrete Polishing increases impact and abrasion resistance for a functional, stable, long-term solution to rejuvenate your existing floor. Our high-tech process of concrete densification and impregnation creates a nearly impenetrable flooring surface. The National Floor Safety Institute recognizes Polished Concrete as a “High Traction” flooring surface. Polished Concrete delivers superior Anti-Slip Resistance, when compared to an Epoxy or Commercial Tiled floor system.

  • Q: How does it look?

    A: Polished Concrete is visually stunning, providing a glossy, mirror-like finish to your standard existing concrete floor. We are able to provide many different levels of sheen to deliver the exact look that you have envisioned. The high-gloss can appear like a floor that has been waxed 10 times! We also offer full customization utilizing custom dye coloring, your custom logo saw cut into the concrete, patterns, and many other creative techniques to bring your vision to life.

  • Q: Is Concrete Polishing Expensive?

    A: Concrete Polishing is an economical choice.  When you utilize our professional concrete polishing system, there is no need to replace your existing floor, we will simply rejuvenate your existing surface! Your new Polished Concrete will not require any costly sealers or wax applications moving forward. There are no reapplications, coatings, or repairs. Polished Concrete not only looks great, it’s also an extremely viable option when it comes to cost.

  • Q: Is Polished Concrete hard to maintain?

    A: Not at all! Your new floor will simply require mopping to keep it clean and can withstand most chemicals to draw out some of the more heavy topical staining that you may have . Polished Concrete can either be wet or dry mopped. Waxing will no longer needed to maintain the beautiful sheen you get through our concrete polishing system.  

  • Q: Is Concrete Polishing a “Going Green” option?

    A: Commercial & Industrial Leed Credits may be available through The American Institute of Architects for your new Polished Concrete Floor. Polished concrete is recognized as “Sustainable Flooring” by the AIA. For more information regarding your Leed Credits that may be found within your next project, click here.

  • Q: Can we customize the look of our new floor?

    A: Unlike many Commercial Flooring Contractors in Indiana, Commercial Painting Services is proud to offer complete customization of your new polished concrete floor with logo customization, lines, sections, patterns, and imaging. We are excited to discuss the possibilities and your vision for your polished concrete project. Call today to schedule your in-person consultation and to receive your Free Estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Commercial Painting Services has over 20 years experience and our staff is highly knowledgeable. We offer Commercial / Industrial Painting (Interior & Exterior), Concrete Floor Polishing, Elastomeric Roof Coating, Metal Roof Leaks Repair, Epoxy Flooring, & Commercial / Industrial Pressure Washing. Call us today to schedule your free in-person consultation and to receive a free estimate. (574) 970-6181

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