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Looking at getting a quote to have your metal roof repaired in or around Bryan, Ohio?  You’re in the right place. Commercial Painting Services offers Metal Roof Repair with Elastomeric Fluid Applied Roof Coatings. Elastomeric is the leading brand of roof coatings and comes with up to 20 years warranty!  Our commercial roofing guys are seasoned, hardworking, knowledgeable, focused on safety first, and are sticklers for the details. Commercial Painting Services is a Certified Elastomeric Commercial Roofing Contractor in Ohio and we always stand behind our work. If you have any questions, by all means let us know. We love talking fluid applied roofing / metal roof leaks and we always enjoy meeting new people. Let us help you get your new project completed correctly, and on schedule. Thank you for considering Commercial Painting Services!

Please check out our Metal Roof Painting and Metal Roof Repairs section below if you’d like more information. ​Also, you’ll want to take full advantage of the ​LEED Credits​ program​ ​that ​is now available for​ your​ “Cool Roof”​, as it is ​Energy Star Rated.​

Commercial Painting Services offers Free Onsite Consultations and Free Estimates. Call (517) 639-1464 today to get on the schedule. We look forward to meeting you and to discuss your new Commercial Roofing Project!

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Metal Roof Leaks

​​Metal Roof Leaks are all too common as metal roofs on commercial / industrial buildings have been in play for quite a long time. As metal roofs age, weather starts to have an impact as well as lack of maintenance, just being on them, and sometimes even improper installation can shorten the working lifespan of your metal roof. Other commonalities are: Loose Counterflashing / Damaged Open Seams / OxidationLoose FlashingImproper InstallationDamage to PanelsOpen RidgewallsOpen Headwalls / and more. Commercial Painting Services has been a Commercial Roofing Contractor for over 20 years. Call today for your free on-site consultation. (517)639-1464

Metal Roof Coatings

Metal Roof Coatings and Elastomeric Roof Coatings have become the go to solution for repairing metal roof leaks and for prolonging the life of your commercial / industrial roof.  While this concept isn’t new, it is of the utmost importance to hire a roofing contractor that has the experience to identify the material the roof is made out of, as well as any material that has been used to patch it along the way. The life expectancy of these repairs count on it. Commercial Painting Services has the experience to do the repairs / applications correctly and the worry-free guarantee to stand behind our work. Call today to setup your free onsite consultation (517) 639-1464

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Metal Roof Painting / Metal Roof Leaks Repair F.A.Q.

  • Q: What causes metal roof leaks?

    A: Metal Roof Leaks are generally caused by a few common issues, that Commercial Painting Services can easily identify. Some of these problems are caused by improper installation of the metal roof, others are simply a result of time and environmental factors like large influx of movement caused by up and down temperatures.

  • Q: What is Metal Roof Painting?

    A: Metal Roof Painting consists of first identifying what type of metal the roof is made from and how it’s been applied. Galvenized roofing can be mistaken for Terne roofing and if the wrong prep and then paint is applied, you can end up with big problems. Commercial Painting Services offers free inspections to determine your best course of action. Call today to schedule.

  • Q: What is Fluid Applied Roofing?

    A: Commercial Painting Services is a certified installer of Uniflex (Elastomeric), Fluid Applied Roofing Systems. We have over 20 years experience and have seen just about every possible scenario. We take the time to properly prepare your roofing surface to get the full benefit out of your new spray on roof coating. While not every roof is a candidate for Uniflex / Elastomeric, the overwhelming odds are in your favor that yours is. Call today and let’s do a risk-free inspection. It’s free!  (517) 639-1464.

  • Q: How is Elastomeric Roof Coatings different than Roof Paint?

    A: Roof Paint systems consist of traditional painting materials that are designed to adhere in couple of thin coats and do not have the ability to waterproof or flex like Elastomeric Roof Coatings. Traditional roof paints are not a bad choice for metal roofs that have never leaked in the past. Elastomeric coatings are part of a waterproofing system that are matched to your roofing membrane with special materials that will reinforce all flashing, fasteners, seams, and protrusions. Your roof is made water tight before the roof is coated. The roofing spec is matched to your roofing membrane whether it’s single ply, asphalt, concrete, polyurethane foam, or metal. Once we apply all of the waterproofing steps along with the fluid applied coating your roof becomes a completely seamless membrane.

  • Q: How long is an Elastomeric Warranty?

    A: Uniflex comes with its UNIGUARD  Warranty. UNIGUARD 10 and 15-year systems warranties provide comprehensive protection and coverage for a professionally installed UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing system. A full line of coatings, flashing materials, seam tapes, reinforcing fabrics, sealants and other UNIFLEX branded products are used in these installations, creating a completely watertight and fully enveloped roof system.

  • Q: Can you coat over other roofing materials other than metal?

    A:  Yes we have systems to go over all roofing substrates except shingles. Each roofing substrate carries its own spec of special prep steps and bonding primers. Not all roofs are candidates for Fluid Applied Commercial Roof Coatings if you have let them deteriorate past the point of coating.

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